Welcome to Brahmandnayak Holidays - B2B Tie Ups.

We are looking for B2B Travel Partners all over India. Partners can transact under our banner or they can use their own banners too. We will be offering them tours at b2b rates and they can pass them on to their clients at their own rates under their own banner. We will be providing full back-end support at the time of booking as well as during tour period too. This will help our partners to concentrate on on their clients, old or new. Such we can grow together.

For detailed itineraries and prices you can refer our website - www.brahmandnayakholidays.com All tours listed on this website will be offered to you at a rate of 10% flat discount. You can add your margin on the cost and sell the same to your clients under your own banner. If you wish to use our banner, still you get 10% margin / profit after selling it at the listed prices.

If you wish to start the same at your location, kindly contact us at +91-8655599957 (Calling Number) / +91-9930609990 (Whatsapp Number.)

Thank you,

Team Brahmandnayak Holidays.